Business Accelerator Strategy

What would it take to double your sales in the next 90 days?

New Business Strategy

Who Is This For?

Start Ups

Have an idea, but not sure how how to get started? Already started, but finding some roadblocks and that it’s not as easy as you thought?

It’s time strip things back and develop a simple launch and action plan!

Rapid Change

Industry changes and strong competition making a dent in your profits? Wondering why old habits are dying hard?

It’s time to shift and find a new business strategy!

Ready for Growth

Business is good, but you want more? Where are the opportunities and how do you take things to the next level?

Map yourself a clear path for growth, take action and follow through!

Business Accelerator STRATEGY SHIFT

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Strategy Shift [The 1on1 WORKSHOP]

120 Minute Business Accelerator Road Map 

In this crazy and fast paced business world, you can often feel like you’re barely keeping up, and everyone else (including your competitors) are sailing along just nicely.  Well guess what? You’re not alone. Many, if not most small businesses are in a similar situation to you, albeit with differing needs and pain points.

The thing is, most business owners don’t stop running long enough, to ensure the direction they are running in, is in fact the best direction for them.

That’s why we hold these sessions for business owners, to help them “Slow Down to Speed Up“. To help them build a new business strategy. Becasue it is likely the previous one is already outdated.

. In this 120 Minute Business Makeover you will gain:

  • Inspiration and fresh motivation
  • Insight and ideas for finding new growth opportunities
  • A one page action plan to accelerate your business growth

This is a high level and insightful workshop utilising latest business modelling and tools as well as the personal attention of Michael’s ‘always thinking new ideas’ brain! Our goal is to create a simple Road Map to Accelerate Growth in your Business.

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Michael Harper

Michael Harper

Business Acceleration Strategist

Michael Harper is the Managing Director of Bizscaping a boutique business coaching enterprise.

He uses his unique skill set in a real hands on approach to the business. A strong background in sales and business development, his keen attitude toward personal growth has meant he is continually expanding his abilities to provide better service to his clients.

Michael prides himself on fresh ideas, maximising latest technology and focusing on real results that afford his clients the success they are after. Having recently completed his certification as a Fletcher Method Business Performance Coach, he is ready, willing and able to find new growth opportunities in your business.

Business ACCELERATOR Strategy Session