Having recently attended the Temora Open for Business Expo, I felt motivated to write about the opportunities that exist for individuals who wish to relocate to regional areas, but find it difficult to find sufficient employment opportunities available. The Temora Open for Business Expo was a follow on event from yet another successful attendance at the recent Country & Regional Living Expo where thousands of Sydney Siders visit the expo in hope of escaping the city rat race. The Temora Shire Council received over 120 expressions of interest from people looking to relocate, but experience tells the local council that one of the biggest roadblocks in achieving this dream is employment.

At BizScaping we believe in making your own way and talking control of your own future by pursuing that Business Idea (that’s been bubbling away for a while now) as your next career move. We believe that business is the most powerful & effective way to get what you want out of life. There is a perception out there that once you decide to be a business owner that you need to be this “Super Hero” type persona and know everything about everything! Well that just seems ridiculous when you think about it. Hence why we have set up our programs the way we have, to allow people who choose “Business” as their career path, the resources, advice and training to run their venture successfully. To outsource their strategy so to speak. Outsourcing is very popular in many manufacturing and service based industries. Why can’t business owners outsource the “smarts” of their business model itself?

Sure running your own business is a big step, but we think no bigger than training yourself in to a prescribed skill set and then working for someone else indefinitely and helping them fulfil their dream! The beauty of running your own business is that you are in control. You can steer that ship in any direction you want, and while ever you are meeting consumer demand and solver customers problems, the benefits can be many;

  • You will enjoy your work more as it will likely be in a field you love to work in.
  • The satisfaction of knowing your efforts are going towards your future and not someone else’s.
  • You can build time flexibility into your business model so you can enjoy the important things in life.
  • The monetary success and ability to lift the lid on any income ceilings that may otherwise exist.

And the list goes on, at BizScaping we believe Business Ownership is worth the effort!

Aside from helping existing businesses grow and excel, one of our specialities is our Business Incubator program we call the Biz Ideas Depot.

Here we help people in the very early stages of starting a business, or even those just with an idea.

The Business Incubator provides people with a dedicated coach, some training, specific modelling programs and networks to help flesh out their market and business model and discover how to get their business off the ground.

We see the BizIdeas Depot programs as an ideal match for those city folk looking to make the transition to a country area like Temora where jobs are not always readily available. People who are chasing the country change, shouldn’t let employment be the fun stopper. In today’s modern economy, many opportunities exist to establish your own business that taps into either the local economy and/or reaches a world wide economy all from the comfort and enjoyment of a community such as Temora.

Make you own place, and your own success, in our great community Temora! We invite people to explore these opportunities with us.