A Business Mentor Who Helps You Create A Business That Works For You

Established in July 2013 by Michael Harper and Greg Durham out of the need for a more dedicated resource to provide Business Coaching & Development.

Your Professional Business Mentor

Our Business Mentor Philosophy


  • We believe that your Business is your vehicle to success.
  • A Business is designed to work for you, not you for it.
  • If set up and managed correctly, it will do just that.


  • Once you have a business working well, we all know it’s wise to be smart with your money.
  • Building wealth begins to provide you with more and more choices to begin the pursuit of what you are truly passionate about.


  • Having more choices means an immediate impact upon your lifestyle.
  • Create the life you’ve always wanted, break the shackles of traditional thinking and begin to enjoy this journey we are all on.
  • Life is meant to be Lived!


  • The ultimate of ultimate’s.
  • If money was no concern what would you rather be doing? Build that Dream Home, Retire, Relocate. Get involved in something Big!
  • There are Lives out there needing impact from someone just like you. Create a Legacy.
  • Achieve what you never thought possible.

Our Approach
A dedicated focus on Business Growth and Development. Problems first, solutions second. Basically, we fix business problems.

Our People
Combined skill sets impact the Dynamics and Mechanics required for your business. Creative thinking around growth opportunity along with hard fiscal monitoring and insight.

Our Systems
Highly developed software back-end, for business planning and strategy identification. CRM customisation innovators.

Our Ideas
A focus on using new business models, latest technology and fresh ideas to give your business the edge you are looking for.

Michael Harper

Michael Harper

Managing Director

Michael Harper is the Managing Director of Bizscaping and uses his unique skill set in a real hands on approach to the business. A strong background in sales and business development, his keen attitude toward personal growth has meant he is continually expanding his abilities to provide better service to his clients.

Michael prides himself on fresh ideas, maximising latest technology and focusing on real results that afford his clients the success they are after.

Greg Durham

Greg Durham

Managing Director

Greg, remains focused on servicing his accountancy clientele, while mentoring Michael in key fiscal aspects of business success.

This cohesion of strong fiscal foundations, combined with dynamic facilitation provide a powerful combination and a potent remedy for business.


What’s at our Core?


“We bring dreams to life by maximising business potential”


“To help our clients collectively achieve, over 1,000 business & personal goals by 2020”


  • Integrity
  • Work Ethic
  • Working Smart
  • Be your Best
  • Enjoy Life
  • Balance

Great team to work with!! Michael Harper and his team have tackled all my business aspects in a very short period of time.

They modernised my business by carefully detecting the flaws and are willing to try out various things according to my need and suggestions.

It is pleasure to continuing them in coming years.

Kamal Deep

Managing Director, SFclouds

Michael has worked closely with my accountant and reinvigorated me and my business.

Having only recently engaged in his 12 month business coaching model he has already identified key deficiencies and put actions in to place that are making immediate differences in my business and most importantly my bottom line.

Looking forward to the rest of the year!

Greg Reardon

Managing Director, Greg Reardon Building