Don’t Be A Business Failure

I sit here today more motivated about business success than I can remember.

Having just returned from a few days away with a bunch of great colleagues (some old, some new), and I have some fresh insight into just how satisfying my life & business is. For those that don’t know me, I am a happily married & proud father of 4 living and working in an awesome country town called Temora (or more affectionately known to the locals as “T-Town”). I am surrounded by a large family, super friends and a tight community.

For some this may sound a little main stream, and even a little bland however for me, it’s fantastic

Business Success Is Achievable

I do aspire to greatness & achievement & success, but business success by my standard, not the standards of this world. So I do love my business and the work I do, and this is important because it provides a spring board for everything else to flourish from. The success is not about the success itself, more so, what it provides for me in my world outside of my business.

You see for me, it’s not about fast cars, fancy clothes, worldwide trips or loads of cash. While it may be for some, my needs are much simpler. Family, Friends, Security & Fun. That’s it. OK, there is one other thing you can throw in there, I simply call it Home. I just love being at home. I love designing, creating & constructing a most fabulous place for me & my family. A place I will call home till the day I die. A place for my family to call home for generations to come. You see, I think the home is so central in helping us all create a wonderful life for ourselves and for setting our children on the best possible path in life.

I remember, as a teenager, sitting around a very small round kitchen dinning table, not only with my Mum, Dad, two Sisters and a Brother (tight fit at the best of times), then we had my other Brother Ole’, our German exchange student for 12 months. Throw in a couple of Grandparents at least once a week and we had one fully utilised dining table to say the least!! How we fit, I don’t quite remember, but  the point is we did and I don’t recall it really being a hassle. In fact, cosy and warm would be my best memory of it. This one fact, I believe helped me develop a positive level of tolerance and a sense of family and belonging. I could go on with many stories, but as I have grown into adulthood and more significantly parenthood, I have many times found myself asking the question, “What was my experience as a child, and how can I replicate that for my children? What helped me navigate the world we live in to arrive at where I am today? Obviously my family couldn’t be with me at all times, and so as I matured I had more and more freedom to make more and more choices. What helped me to make the right decisions?

That’s how I see Home being so central to creating a great life. It’s where so much of our lives are shaped. So for me, Home is definitely where the heart is and where we build a strong foundation for us to spring into life with. Which leads me to back to the pursuit of success. Happy home, what else?