I know exactly what you’re thinking…
Find your Flugelbinder… What is my FLUGELBINDER!?
If the reference doesn’t automatically strike a chord in your mind, then your first thought when you read that was probably, I don’t think I have one of those?!
But in fact, somewhere deep inside you, YOU DO! And no, your Flugelbinder isn’t a strangely-named body part you’ve never heard of, it is in fact a fictitious word referring to the seemingly simple idea or invention, which could develop into your million dollar idea.
For those old enough, you may remember, the term Flugelbinder originated from the film “Cocktail”, in which Tom Cruise’s character Brian Flanagan expressed his frustration with not being able to come up with his million dollar idea. While sitting around the pool decks he realised he was surrounded by examples right in front of him. Examples like a cocktail umbrella for a drink, an ashtray, a plastic wrapper, or the little plastic aglet on the end of your shoelace that makes it easier to thread (the Flugelbinder!), which everyday people have turned their simple thoughts and ideas into multi-million dollar innovations. Watch the Clip Here.
And yes, we all have a Flugelbinder growing somewhere in our minds; whether it be a new product, new idea about how to attract or generate more business, or simply, how to grow your revenue or market share. Whatever your Flugelbinder is, it is time to find it!
You’ve heard all about why you should be innovating, the barriers to innovation, and the basic steps of the innovation process already – but at the core of all of that is the idea – THE FLUGELBINDER!
You’re probably watching businesses all around you finding their own Flugelbinder and reshaping their businesses, and you may be getting a little frustrated by this, thinking, when is it my turn?!
It is YOUR turn NOW!
We know you’ve got a Flugelbinder developing inside you, and keeping it to yourself will not bring it to life.
So what are you doing to find and develop your Flugelbinder? Or have you found it already?! (Insert applause!)
It’s time to talk about your idea, and more importantly get others talking about it, develop it, generate a prototype and test it out in the market. You’ll never know if it’s destined to be your million dollar idea if you don’t start!
BizScaping has a Business Incubator program called the BizIdeas Depot which is a Lean Start-up program designed to provide affordable coaching to get New Ideas & New Businesses off the ground. You may be surprised just how attainable, high level professional business advice can be!
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