Targeted Property Investing

Win/Win property investing using a research based approach

Research Based Property Invesments

Why spend your valuable time and money trying to educate yourself on all the intricacies involved in understanding the property market?

Why not lean in to  a company that lives and breathes it daily, and has a vested interest in finding you the right asset, at the right time and in the right market?

Silverhall have been helping clients achieve their property investment goals and dreams for over 9 years and they can help you too. SIlverhall offer:

  • Detailed property market research data for identified locations
  • Early identification of investment hotspots for capital growth
  • Positive cashflow properties with no ‘out-of-wallet’ holding costs
  • Access to dual-income investments
  • Regular portfolio reviews to analyse performance and identify future entry and exit point options

They have the runs on the board, and we are happy to refer our clients to them because of the results they have achieved for our clients to date.

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Our services cost you nothing. A meeting with us allows you to explore:

  • Your Goals and Dreams related to Property Investment
  • Your current ability to make an investment purchase
  • The research based approach adopted by our partners
  • Current market opportunities that may suit
  • BizScaping’s role

Meetings can be arranged with BizScaping initially, then we involve our real estate partners once we’ve defined your preferred direction.

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Understand the Market

Be in the know of what, where, why and when.

Know your Position

Understand you current equity and borrowing capacity

Ongoing Guidance & Support

Always have someone to turn to and help you, ongoing.

Your Real Estate Portfolio Analysis

Have us personalise a real estate portfolio analysis so you can understand your current position and the options available to you to expand your portfolio even further. In this review you’ll discover;

  • The current net equity position of your portfolio.
  • Your current LVR (Loan to Value Ratio)
  • Your estimated current weekly cash position (after tax)
  • Your potential borrowing capacity to make your next investment decision.
  • A market update on where the latest opportunities exist.

We have representatives from Silverhall in town between 6th, 7th and 8th June and would love to sit with you to discuss everything related to your goals with property investment.

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Property Investment

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