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180 Minute Sales Makeover



3 Hour Group Workshop $89

Discover How the Game has Changed

Sales Have Shifted

Discover what stays the same, what’s moving out, what’s moving in and what the 2020 Sales Environment will look like.

Changing Purchase Behaivour

Why people buy, why they don’t and where to best spend your marketing dollar for best return on investment.

Funnels, Pipelines, Pitches & Process

What you should and shouldn’t worry about and how to simplify you current sales strategy.

SalesShift [The WORKSHOP]

180 Minute Sales Makeover 

Sales Have Shifted…Have You? In a rapidly changing business world, where industries are being turned on their heads, new players seem to effortlessly enter the market place and succeed, and old strategies no longer seem to work, how do you know if your next move is the right one, or your last? Now more than ever before, the number one challenge of almost every business, still needs addressing… “Where will my next customer come from?” Sales Shift Riverina is a dedicated resource for the training and coaching of sales teams and leaders to help business owners maximise their sales performance. As the lines become increasing blurred between Sales and Marketing, we set out to help to bring clarity, simplicity and practicality to an often misunderstood profession. In this 180 Minute Sales Makeover you will learn:

  • What’s Shifted in the Sales World
  • What to expect as we approach 2020 and beyond
  • How to map your Sales Process
  • What is a Sales Funnel (and why it’s important to have one)
  • Why people Buy (and why they don’t)
  • The most valuable way to spend your marketing dollar
  • 6 Reasons Why your current Sales Strategy isn’t working!

This is a high level and insightful workshop utilising latest sales science to help businesses find growth in world where growth is hard to find. Limited to just 10 places. Be quick. This workshop brought to you by Bizscaping and the Banjar Group.

Michael Harper

Michael Harper

Your SalesShift Facilitator

Michael Harper is the Managing Director of Bizscaping a boutique business coaching enterprise, he has been working with Mike Boyle (the Sales Scientist) for many years and now heads up the emergence of the Banjar Groups’ SalesShift in the Riverina.

He uses his unique skill set in a real hands on approach to the business. A strong background in sales and business development, his keen attitude toward personal growth has meant he is continually expanding his abilities to provide better service to his clients.

Michael prides himself on fresh ideas, maximising latest technology and focusing on real results that afford his clients the success they are after.

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We are now taking registrations for our next workshops. Dates and Locations will be determined by demand. All early registrations receive a hard copy of Sales Shift 2020 Whitepaper (developed by the Banjar Group).

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