Will the business world stop thinking one day? Will all business innovation, creativity and fresh ideas grind to halt in the foreseeable future?

We see “CopyCat” products and “MeTooism” running rife everywhere we look in today’s super noisy marketplace. Even super innovator, Apple are struggling to find fresh ideas to bring to the market. Only occasionally do we see a new idea that is truly unique and blows the competitors away. But what’s really at play here?   Why is it that many businesses seem to be shouting the same message and reading from the same play book? It’s pretty clear the rewards of unique innovation can be great, so surely it’s not just out of laziness. I believe there are three key factors at play, and hopefully you’ll find my thoughts, dare I say unique!


The pace of business life in 2015 is almost at warp speed. Largely as a result of current trends in globalisation, economic changes, decreasing product lifecycle, increased technology capabilities, changing consumer needs and increased competition. It’s so hard just to keep up and survive let alone find time to innovate.


Using the Military acronym that emerged in the 1990’s as a way to describe the current nature of the environment, it is now commonly used in the business world and rings very true. Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous. Sound like your everyday? Well you’re not on your own. Again this crazy business world we operate our endeavours in, just doesn’t allow us to create and develop ideas.

2D World Vs 3D World

The third and most daunting of reasons is a viewpoint arrived at by renowned neuroscientist Baroness Susan Greenfield. I am fearful of misquoting such a respected professional so I encourage you to check-out some of her material yourself. However one of the key and very modest learnings I’ve picked from her studies is what she terms “Living in a 2D vs a 3D world”. She’s talking about the amount of time we are all spending in front of a screen (2D) and not in the real, physical world (3D). TV, DVD, Smartphone, Computer, Tablet, Laptop, Games Stations and more.

She talks about when we read a book for instance, the author takes us by the hand and takes us on a journey. Our imagination is engaged and we use this powerful tool to create a vivid picture in our mind of everything that is happening. By the end of the book “we really care about the princess” (assuming the story was about a princess of course). Alternatively, if you were playing a computer game, where you had to save the princess, you don’t really care about the princess. You’re just focussed on “how do I slay the dragon”. The Baroness goes on to explain that in the 2D world it is all about “Yuk” & “Wow” moments. Constant stimulation of the mind via the screen. I don’t like this, I do like that, (Yuk & Wow). We aren’t using our mind, our imagination, or our creativity. This explains why the book is always better than the movie.

So how does all this relate to creativity, fresh thinking and business innovation?


Yes, “Space”

That’s right     “Space”, or should I write                   .

The factors above all combine to create a typical business environment where first and foremost we don’t have sufficient space to foster innovation in our businesses. So if we follow things to their logical conclusion, it begs me to again ask the question,

“Will the world simply stop thinking one day?”

Relate this into the business world and it quickly becomes very critical to begin thinking very differently to the way we have in the past. We all have numerous business processes and procedures right throughout our operations. Admin, Finance, Workflow, Marketing and even Sales. Isn’t it time we introduced an Innovation Process into business?

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